WATCH NOW! Banned Books, Comic Books, Libraries and You!

During Banned Books Week, CBLDF participated in the event “Banned Books, Comic Books, Libraries, and YOU.” CBLDF’s digital editor Jordan Smith sat down with Miranda Doyle, a district teacher and librarian in Lake Oswego, to discuss book bans and our libraries. Drea Douglas, the learning coordinator for North Bend Public Library, hosted the event. She was inspired to program the event after recognizing similarities between current events and the comic bans of the 50s.

Topics covered include:

  • Lack of access as censorship.
  • The difference between public libraries, public schools, and private schools.
  • Why these challenges are happening now.
  • Graphic novel adaptations of classic literature and the power of the image.
  • How to support intellectual freedom in your community.
Recorded Wednesday, September 21, 2022

CBLDF and its partners have been battling ongoing and organized attempts to censor comics and other books in schools and libraries. You can join the struggle by making a donation or reporting censorship today!