Author: Joe Sergi

Remembering Ray Bradbury: Author, Dreamer, and Champion of Free Speech

In losing Ray Bradbury, we lost not only a great author and spirit, but a man dedicated to the preservation of creative expression. In remembering Bradbury’s contribution to speculative fiction, CBLDF blogger Joe Sergi takes a moment to talk about the time he met Bradbury at SDCC and to share the anti-censorship legacy Bradbury left behind.

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1948: The Year Comics Met Their Match

by Joe Sergi

I was recently asked to join a Facebook Group called, “Comic Book Fans vs. a Bunch of Moms with Nothing Else Better To Do . . . ” This Group was created in response to the recent actions by the One Million Moms organization who are requesting that its supporters email Marvel and DC comic book companies, “…urging them to change and cancel all plans of homosexual superhero characters immediately. Ask them to do the right thing and reverse their decision to have sexual orientation displayed to readers.” Apparently, One Million Moms believes that if children read about gay characters, they will become gay. Marvel and Archie have responded, defending their positions, and several Social Media groups have begun to form on both sides of the issue. The last news I have heard is that the One Million Moms deleted their anti-gay Facebook page.

This kind of tension has always existed. On the one side, you have the welfare and protection of the community (especially children, who can’t protect themselves). On the other, you have fundamental liberties such as free speech. The problem is that the well intentioned actions of groups in the first category tend to infringe on the rights of the second because it is the simplest solution. This happened in the 1940s when civic minded parents decided that it was in the best interest of their children and the community to burn comic books, which leads me to my first “official” CBLDF column topic: book burning.

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