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ERROR 451: This Page Has Been Burned

It’s just another average day of internet browsing. You’re doing your thing, checking the news, maybe taking a detour to your favorite webcomic. Then, WHAM (or rather, the internet version of said sound effect). ERROR 451. What happened? Did the…

Listen to Charles Brownstein Talk About CBLDF

According to their website, the folks at Galactic Watercooler are “a community of friendly people who enjoy and participate in geekdom as a whole.” They love all things geeky, and in this week’s Galactic Watercooler podcast, you can listen to an interview with CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein.

Galactic Watercooler podcaster Audra discovered CBLDF during Comic-Con, so she spoke with Brownstein about CBLDF’s origin and mission. Brownstein discussed the Comics Code, CBLDF’s Canada Customs Case, and CBLDF’s work in libraries. You can listen to Brownstein’s interview and a discussion about free speech here. The interview starts around the 72:10 mark, and the discussion about free speech closes out the podcast.

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