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Digital Self-Censorship and the New eBay Policy Change

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Recent changes to the eBay Adult Items Policy will become a barrier to online comic sales for retailers and fans. The policy, which goes into effect June 15, specifically mentions banning the sale of “Sexually explicit anime, comics, books, animation,…

IT’S WAR! Celebrate Captain America: Civil War with CBLDF!

This weekend, we’ll be joining the droves flocking to cinemas to enjoy Captain America: Civil War, and to celebrate, we’re offering a collection of signed Avengers prints and original art on eBay. Whether you’re on Team Cap or Team Iron Man,…

QUANTUM & WOODY Art Jam Goes Live on eBay!

This past June, worlds collided in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a dazzling variety of artists descended on Heroes Con, entered the convention hall, found our booth, and began drawing on a blank pad of paper. By an odd coincidence (or…

Neil Gaiman’s Board Meeting Doodles

Yesterday the Board and office staff of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund held their annual strategic planning meeting. Long-time board member Neil Gaiman was there, and he gave us these fun doodles, which are now on auction on eBay!
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CBLDF Supporter Auction Highlights!

Did you know that you can support the CBLDF on eBay, with just one easy step? When listing your next auction, you can give 10% to 100% of the final auction value to the Fund by using eBay Giving Works! The CBLDF has been a recognized charity on eBay since 2007, our nonprofit ID is 19329. Check out what our supporters are auctioning to benefit the CBLDF by entering that ID into your eBay search, or by clicking here: http://bit.ly/givingworks.

The CBLDF is grateful to those supporters listing us on eBay, so we’re listing selected eBay Giving Works auctions on the lower right column of this page. We’ll also create update posts like this from time to time to highlight what’s available on eBay for the CBLDF. As long as you keep supporting the CBLDF on eBay, we’ll keep promoting those auctions here on CBLDF.org

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