QUANTUM & WOODY Art Jam Goes Live on eBay!

photo 1

Ming Doyle begins the jam…

This past June, worlds collided in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a dazzling variety of artists descended on Heroes Con, entered the convention hall, found our booth, and began drawing on a blank pad of paper. By an odd coincidence (or cosmic alignment) all of these artists have worked on the current Quantum & Woody series series from Valiant Entertainment. In an even stranger turn of events, Quantum & Woody editor Alejandro Arbona happened to be in the vicinity as well, with camera in hand.

With all of these odd happenings, we decided it must be a sign that this pad was meant to be a fundraiser for the CBLDF. Read on and see for yourself!

It all started when some mysterious stranger drew a crude Quantum & Woody logo across the top of the pad. After Ming Doyle kicked off the jam, we were visited by Joseph Cooper:


Shortly thereafter, Tom Fowler did appear, bringing with him images of goats:


He was followed by Erica Henderson, who was surprised to see so many Q&W artists on one random page. Just wait, Erica. It gets stranger….

photo 4

After Erica added to the piece, the Canadian Wunderkind, Toronto’s own Chip Zdarsky, happened by. Filled with rage that this strange art jam was happening without his involvement, he materialized a brush from thin air and went to work.


It was thirsty work.


And then, strangest of all, after the lights were out, the doors were locked, and the dust had cleared, it seems Wilfredo Torres appeared in the night, like elves cobbling shoes in an old tale, and drew his own portion. He was never seen by eyes of man!

And thus, the completed piece:


You may bid on this one-of-a-kind (an perhaps divinely inspired) piece HERE. Spread the word among the Quantum & Woody fans of the world — a convergence such as this happens only once, and all proceeds from the auction will benefit the important First Amendment work of CBLDF!