Artists Join the CBLDF/TFAW Third Annual SDCC Auction Event

CBLDF and TFAW only announced our Third Annual Autograph Card / CBLDF Auction Event last week, and the artists are already piling in for what’s shaping up to be a great auction!

Here are some of the folks already in line, with art in hand:

Jeffrey Brown (Incredible Change Bots, Unlikely)

Gabriel Bá (Daytripper, The Umbrella Academy)

Fábio Moon (Daytripper, Casanova)

Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy)

Ron Chan (The Guild, X-Men: To Serve and Protect)

Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash)

Jim Valentino (ShadowHawk)

Riley Rossmo (Green Wake, Proof, Cowboy/Ninja/Viking)

Jonathan Luna (The Sword, Girls, Ultra)

Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Lady Robotika)

Dan Brereton (The Nocturnals)

Rebekah Isaacs (Angel & Faith)

Rahsan Ekedal (Creepy, Echoes)

Renzo Podestá (27)

Dane Ault (Monkey Minion Press)

More artists will be signing on over the next few weeks! To get the latest updates, see sketches and artwork from this year and previous years, and find out more about the artists donating, visit the TFAW blog here or follow @TFAW on Twitter.