Larry Marder’s CBLDF Liberty Cards Diary #10

Hey there, Friends if Liberty!

Here I am again with the tenth episode of behind the scenes at CBLDF Liberty Trading cards.

You know the story by now, don’t you? CBLDF and Cryptozoic Entertainment’s have teamed up to produce a 72 card set showing the incredible history of comic book censorship through words and pictures. The illustrations for the base cards are stacking up and I’ll be showing some more of those next week.

In addition to the sub-set of creator autograph cards, we’re also featuring original one-of-a-kind artist sketch cards featuring some of the most talented people in the business.

Today’s sneak previews feature one of the most popular characters ever created by Dark Horse Comics: GHOST! Elisa Cameron found herself dead and sure wasn’t happy about it! She rose as Ghost, a beautiful but lethal specter intent on unraveling the mystery of her demise.

A wide array of artists with different styles chose GHOST from the pool of characters available to them for their contributions to CBLDF Liberty Trading cards. A spectral sneak peek:

Clockwise from upper left:

G. Webber

Steve Ellis (High Moon, Lobo)

Bianca Thompson

Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante, Judge Dredd)

And now for something completely different. (Well, not completely.)

Still a ghost:

Johnny Boo by Laura Hudson, Editor-in-Chief of Comics Alliance. Laura and CA are very good friends of ours here at CBLDF.

See you next Tuesday!


CBLDF and Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Liberty Trading Cards are 72 card set telling the story of comics censorship, including bonus sketch and autograph chase cards by the greatest talent in the comics industry! ALL proceeds from this set benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s fight to protect the Fist Amendment rights of the entire comic book community.