CBLDF Comic-Con Auction Preview!

It’s Here! The CBLDF’s biggest auction of the year! Now held at the Hilton Bayfront hotel, the auction is open to the general public and free! Sponsored by TFAW.Com and Comic-Con International. Full item listing after the jump, with instructions for bidding at the show and from all over the world!

Support CBLDF’s important First Amendment work at the CBLDF 25th Anniversary Benefit Auction! Now held at the Hilton Bayfront hotel, the auction is open to the general public and free! Sponsored by TFAW.Com and Comic-Con International, the CBLDF Benefit Auction is the Fund’s biggest auction of the year. Come support the Fund at this terrific event!

This year’s auction highlights include original art by Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons, Paul Pope, Tony Harris, Jaime Hernandez, Terry Moore, Camilla D’Errico, Bill Sienkiewicz, Stefano Gaudiano, Terry Dodson, Camilla D’Errico , Jonathan Luna and many, many more! A full preview of this year’s auction is available at CBLDF.org!

CBLDF will be accepting internet bids for items in this auction.

Bidding Rules

At The Show

All bidders will need to have a bidder number, which can be picked up at Booth 1920 at any time during the convention, or at the auction.

Off-Site Bidding

If you are unable to be at the convention, or unable to attend the auction, bids will be accepted online bids starting Monday, July 19 until Saturday, July 24, 1:00 PM Pacific Time. All bids must be emailed to charles.brownstein@cbldf.org with “SDCC AUCTION BID” in the subject line. Be sure when bidding to use the item name as it appears on the website.

This is not a silent auction bidding system. All bids placed online will be used as opening bids during the live auction on Saturday, July 23. In the event there are multiple bids on the same item, the highest bid will be the one accepted.

Bid amounts placed online will not be disclosed before the item is auctioned. Winning bidders will be notified by email the week following the convention. Payment is expected within 7 days from said email.

1) Liberty Annual 2011 Cover by Dave Gibbons
2) Snarked Pirate Ship pin-up by Roger Langridge
3) Defenders #2 Cover by Kevin Maguire
4) Submariner interior page dby Chris Burnham
5) Hellfire Club interior page by Cully Hamner
6) Hellfire Club interior page by Cully Hamner
7) Superman/Batman interior page by Rick Leonardi
8 Mice Templar pinup by Victor Santos
9) Web of Spider-Man #65, Page 11, by Alex Saviuk
10) Marvel Zombies Interior Art by Nick Dragotta
11) CBLDF Pinup by Farel Dalrymple
12) Omega The Unknown Interior art by Farel Dalrymple
13) Captain America pinup by Tom Scioli
14) Invincible interior page by Ryan Ottley
15) Kabuki watercolor painting by David Mack
16) Supermarket interior page by Kristian Donaldson
17) Finder painting by Carla Speed McNeil
18) “Pursuing Liberty” pinup by Terry Moore, from CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011
19) Hawkman pin-up by Bill Sienkiewicz
20) Ray Fawkes vampire pin-up
21) Underground pin-up by Steve Lieber
22) Muppet Show #6 cover by Roger Langridge
23) Muppet Show #5 cover by Roger Langridge
24) Harley Quinn pin-up by Paul Maybury
25) Pete & Pete pin-up by Joe Quinones
26) Landscape painting by Stefano Gaudiano
27) Catwoman interior page by Pete Woods
28) Exiles interior page by Zach Howard
29) Batman & Robin pinup by Gabriel Hardman
30) Harley Quinn interior page by Terry Dodson
31) Captain America Interior page by Karl Kesel
32) Mini Marvels X-Men interior page by Chris Giarrusso
33) Batman pin-up by Dustin Nguyen
34) Catwoman interior page by Pete Woods
35) CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011 Variant cover original art by Frank Quitely
36) Guy Davis, interior art
37) Tyler Crook, Tiger drawing
38) Batman pin-up by Steve Seeley
39) Tigra pin-up by Tim Seeley
40) L’il Depressed Boy pin-up by Sina Grace
41) Too Much Coffee Man pin-up by Shannon Wheeler
42) Tank Girl pin-up by Rufus Dayglo
43) Captain America pin-up by Ron Chan
44) Power Man & Iron Fist pin-up by Rob Guillory
45) Green Wake pin-up by Riley Rossmo
46) Guitar by Renzo Podesta
47) Hallway by Renzo Podesta
48) Faith pin-up by Rebekah Isaacs
49) Punisher Noir pin-up by Patric Reynolds
50) Batman pin-up by Rashan Ekedel
51) Vampire Slayer pin-up by Michael DeBalfo
52) Beanworld drawing by Larry Marder
53) Thor painting by Jonathan Luna
54) Bomb Queen pin-up by Jimmie Robinson
55) Wonder Woman pin-up by Jenny Frison
56) Incredible Change Bots pin-up by Jeffrey Brown
57) Jim Silke painting
58) Sweet Tooth painting by Jeff Lemire
59) In Reilig Oran original painting by Tony Harris
60) In Reilig Oran pencil study by Tony Harris
61) Pug pin-up by Greg Espinoza
62) Cyclops & Phoenix pin-up by Fabio Moon
63) Weapon X pin-up by Gabriel Ba
64) Hellboy pin-up by Duncan Fregredo
65) Monkey Airways drawing by Dave Garcia
66) Cowboys & Bears drawing by Chris Houghton
67) Cyclops & Phoenix pin-up by Camilla D’Errico
68) Catwoman pin-up by Camilla D’Errico
69) Catwoman pin-up by Bill Morrison
70) American Vampire variant cover by Cliff Chiang
71) David Petersen, CBLDF Master Session original drawing
72) Shannon Wheeler, CBLDF Master Session original drawing
73) Jaime Hernandez, CBLDF Master Session original drawing
74) Matthew Holm, CBLDF Master Session original drawing
75) Matt Wagner, CBLDF Master Session original drawing
76) Camilla D’Errico, CBLDF Master Session original drawing