SDCC Premiere: BPAL & J. Gonzo K.O. Censorship With New Luchadore Inspired Print & Fragrance Set!

It’s a tag team for free speech when Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and J. Gonzo team up to benefit the CBLDF with an incredible new Luchadore inspired print & fragrance set celebrating the launch of J. Gonzo’s amazing new series La Mano del Destino!

It’s a battle of titans with the First Amendment at stake! In this corner: La Mano del Destino, fighting for your freedom of speech! His opponent, El Nuevo Puritano, bringing the wicked wrath of moral panic and outrageous censorship into the ring!

BPAL has created a fragrance for each combatant, available for a donation of $25 each. J. Gonzo’s CBLDF-exclusive print is available for a $20 donation.

About the fragrances:


The wicked wrath of moral panic: unmoving, rigid oak, dry leather, tonka, gunpowder tea, and pious olibanum with a core of perverse and furtive vanilla bean, bay leaf, clove bud, and lime.


Powerful Sumatran patchouli and enigmatic Brazilian copaiba with pao d’arco, cacao absolute, bourbon vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, and tobacco

J. Gonzo will also be appearing throughout the show to make sketches to benefit the Fund, and to sign copies of La Mano del Destino, the tale of a once-champion Luchadore who, after being betrayed, agrees to a Faustian bargain in order to exact his revenge. Mesoamerican myth and high-flying, Lucha Libre action converge to tell this story
of vengeance and destiny. La Mano del Destino #1 will be available for a $5 donation to CBLDF!