Editor Bob Schreck Talks CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL with MTV Geek

Bob Schreck, Editor in Chief for the comics division of Legendary Enterntainment, took a moment to talk to Alex Zalben at MTV Geek about his experience editing CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011, which hits shelves on October 12. MTV Geek also has an exclusive sneak peak at the Grendel pages from the issue.

Schreck sums up the Liberty Annual for Zalben:

The Liberty Annual is designed to help raise money and awareness every year by bringing great creators together to tell stories about freedom of speech. Scott Dunbier started the series in 2008, my friend Jamie Rich helmed the second edition in 2009, and Larry Marder edited the third book in 2010. Every year Eric Stephenson and the good folks at Image Comics volunteer their efforts to publish the book and Richard Starkings and JG Roshell at Comicraft do the production. It’s a great team effort.

Zalben asked about the Grendel story specifically. From Schreck:

Matt [Wagner] had some trouble getting his head around a story that would involve this totally evil dude and master of crime to somehow be a defender of free speech. But I knew he’d find a way. He always has. Look back at the incredible incarnations and changes this character has gone through. A comics icon that is now nearly 30 years old. I marvel at how Matt’s always managed to find an angle to make Grendel exciting and relevant to the times. A week or two later I received an email from Matt that started out with, “I think I’ve got it!”

Read the full interview on the MTV Geek website here, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011 on October 12!

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