Join Frank Miller in Supporting CBLDF

Legendary Cartoonist Frank Miller has been a staunch supporter of the CBLDF since the organization’s very beginning in 1986. As outspoken in his defense of free speech as he is talented at the drawing board, Miller has earned the Defender of Liberty Award in recognition of all his work on the CBLDF’s behalf, and he continues to support the Fund by providing exclusive signatures on his classic works, as well as donating books from his private collection.

Over the past two decades, few of Miller’s works have spoken to a global audience quite like the crime drama anthology series Sin City. The stark, noir storytelling appeals to all cultures, and has been translated into an incredible variety of languages.

Currently, in our online donation center, we are spotlighting some very unique collections, such as the Sin City: Around the World set. Collecting all seven Sin City volumes, this set showcases the many ways this series has been translated and produced on a worldwide scale. Each set contains a random assortment of hardcovers and softcovers, produced for a variety of international audiences, and in languages as varied as German, Korean, Polish, French, Catalan, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, and Italian.

You will also find US editions of Miller’s other popular works, such as The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, in our online donation center.

In CBLDF’s eBay store, you’ll find several editions of Miller’s books, including foreign editions. Right now, you can bid on a signed Japanese edition of Batman: Year One, a first printing of the American hardcover edition of Sin City: The Big Fat Kill, and several other editions of Miller’s works.

With Miller’s Holy Terror arriving in the fall from Legendary Comics, join us in celebrating one of the greatest creators in comics’ history and a steadfast supporter of the CBLDF by donating for or bidding on some of his classic works!