Diamond Helps CBLDF Raise Nearly $30,000 with Retailer Membership Drive

CBLDF counts an impressive number of people, from members to creators, among our supporters. We also have several invaluable corporate partners to help us fight for the First Amendment in the comics community. One of our partners, Diamond Comic Distributors, recently went the distance with a membership drive focused on one of the groups we routinely protect: retailers. Diamond helped CBLDF raise nearly $30,000!

CBLDF would like to thank Dan Manser and the staff of Diamond for their hard work to help us protect Free Speech!

From Diamond:

CBLDF Ships Membership Benefit Packs to Nearly 300 Retailers

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been the industry’s partner in defending the First Amendment rights that creators, publishers, and retailers depend upon to do business. The CBLDF turns 25 this year, and it continues to serve as a bulwark against prosecutors attacking our industry partners. Like the heroes of the comics we sell, the Fund is there to protect comics whenever they are threatened.

In the October 2011 PREVIEWS, Diamond and the CBLDF once again teamed up to launch the annual CBLDF Membership Drive, asking retailers to join or renew their membership in order to support this worthwhile organization and its cause. This year alone, the Annual Membership drive raised an impressive $29,900 with over 240 retailers joining or renewing their membership by ordering one of the four offered packages.

Those customers that elected to participate this year should note that their CBLDF membership fee will be reflected on invoices for December 14. The CBLDF has created a variety of resources and incentives to reward your participation in this very important cause, which are scheduled to begin arriving with December 14 shipments.