SLC Nerd and Night Flight Comics Show Their Support for CBLDF

by Betsy Gomez

Last weekend, nerds in Salt Lake City gathered for a day of comics, costumes, gaming, and music with the 2012 edition of SLC Nerd, an all-day event embracing nerd culture. The folks with Night Flight Comics were on hand to pass out information about CBLDF and to run a silent auction on our behalf!

CBLDF would like to thank Mimi Cruz, Ben Fuller, the folks at Night Flight Comics, and the staff and volunteers of SLC Nerd for their support! Mimi sent us some photos of the event, on display below. If you want to see some interviews and costumes from the event, check out this You Tube video.

Wonder Woman and a young fan

Catwoman and Poison Ivy check out the silent auction at the Night Flight Comics table.

More superheroes check out the silent auction.

Batman boogies down...