CBLDF Blasts Into Fall Convention Season At Baltimore Comic Con

This weekend the CBLDF is on the road to Baltimore for the Baltimore Comic Con! Come meet CBLDF Deputy Director at Booth 1402 where we’re offering a vast array of cool items to our supporters!

At The Booth (1402):
Show us your CBLDF Membership Card and we’ll give you your very own CBLDF Convention Kit, which includes a CBLDF lanyard, badge flair, sticker and button, all absolutely free to thank you for your support. We’ll also have a huge selection of signed graphic novels, including Darth Vader & Son signed by Jeffrey Brown, Walking Dead signed by Robert Kirkman, and much, much more. We’re also offering new t-shirts including R. Sikoryak’s “It Could Happen To Anyone…” from Graphitti Designs. On top of all that, we’re also bringing portfolios of original art to offer for your donations. Contributions to CBLDF advance our important work protecting the medium’s First Amendment rights, so please come show your support!

Programming: On Saturday at 4:00 in Room 302 – 303 it’s The History of Censorship in Comics, presented by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Deputy Director Alex Cox, and Comic Author and Historian Fred Van Lente. Since the very beginning of the art form, comics have been the victim of near-constant scrutiny and censorship. Learn about the history of this persecution, from book-burnings in the 1940′s, to Senate Hearings in the 1950′s, through to today, when fans routinely have their digital media searched by moral watchdogs. Instances of censorship in every decade will be discussed, as well as why they occur, and how they are fought, and can be prevented.

Baltimore Comic Con starts on Saturday at the Baltimore Convention Center. We hope to see you there!