Jaime Hernandez Launches CBLDF’s 2013 Membership Program!

Celebrated artist Jaime Hernandez leads the charge to protect free expression for comics by creating the mascot for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s 2013 membership program!

CBLDF protects the freedom to read comics by providing legal aid, resources, and education in the service of protecting the comics community’s First Amendment rights.  Members provide the monetary foundation CBLDF needs to perform its important work, and this year every member is being rewarded with a membership card designed by Mr. Hernandez.  Members joining at higher levels will also be able to receive exclusive items featuring Hernandez’s striking art, including a member exclusive t-shirt, a limited letterpress print, and more!

Jaime Hernandez is best known as the co-creator (with brothers Gilbert and Mario) of the of the epoch defining masterpiece Love & Rockets. His characters Maggie and Hopey are among the most iconic characters in the history of independent comics.  This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Love & Rockets‘ debut, and CBLDF is proud to have Mr. Hernandez’s insightful take on Lady Liberty as the mascot for our 2013 membership program. When asked about why he created this extraordinary piece of art for CBLDF, Mr. Hernandez stated simply, “It’s pretty much a no brainer. We need the CBLDF.”

This year we’re asking everyone who supports the freedom to read comics to become an intellectual freedom fighter and join CBLDF!  As a member, you will be an active part of the field’s most proactive advocacy group, and you ensure the continued growth of our important work protecting the right to read, create, own, and sell comics.  Your support will help advance our legal and educational work from courtrooms to classrooms and beyond. Your membership contribution makes you an essential part of the team that helps protect and advance the rights of this incredible artform.

All members will receive the 2013 membership card by Hernandez.  This year, all members joining at the $100 level will receive an exclusive long sleeve t-shirt, as well as a button pack and sticker set! The shirt features Mr. Hernandez’s gorgeous line art and will only be available to members who join CBLDF in 2013!

Other membership levels offer additional incentives, including a limited edition signed and numbered letterpress art print and CBLDF-branded items such as sports bottles, hooded sweatshirts, and embroidered polo shirts. All of these premiums thank our members for their generosity and let them show that they’re a proud member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund team, which is always ready to stand up for the freedom to read comics!

To view all of the membership levels and learn more about CBLDF’s important work, please visit the Membership Page at our online Donation Center.