Terry Moore Is Free to Say It

Earlier this week, longtime CBLDF artist supporter Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising, Echo) shared a couple of pages he drew for the CBLDF Liberty Annual, our yearly anthology that features stories about free speech from some of the biggest names in comics.

Moore shared the pages on his blog, writing:

To draw attention to this worthy organization and the book that will help raise funds for their cause, I thought I’d show you my 2-page contribution. I call it, DOUCHE BAG!

Let’s take a look:

You can view Moore’s post about the story here.

Moore has been a huge supporter of CBLDF’s work protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics community. You can read about his involvement with the Fund in our Good Fighters interview with him. We also have signed comics and trades from Moore and other artists in the CBLDF Rewards Zone!

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Artwork (c) Terry Moore.