CBLDF Defends A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl After Challenge

indexThe CBLDF-sponsored Kids’ Right to Read Project sent a letter to the Currituck County High School school board after a parent in the district demanded the removal of A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl, a critically-acclaimed novel by Tanya Lee Stone.

Parent Elissa Cooper wrote a letter to the school board, demanding the removal of the book from the high school library due to sexual content. The book, which focuses on three girls and their decisions regarding a single boy who has made it his goal to seduce all of the girls in school, has been praised as a frank and relevant take on how teenagers handle sexuality. Ultimately, the girls in the book stand up to the predatory behaviors of the boy — and for themselves in the process — but Cooper chooses to focus only on the sexual component of the story.

The school board meets tonight to make their decision regarding the book, but its inclusion in libraries has been upheld by educators both in Currituck and nationally.

The entirety of the letter that CBLDF signed on behalf of A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl follows.

Kids’ Right to Read Letter defending ‘A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl’

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