Retail Orders for CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 Due Today!

CBLDF13-MARQUEZ-FC-FNLThe CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 hits shelves in October with an amazing contributing team that includes the talents of Richard Corben, Corinna Bechko, Tim Seeley, Michael Moreci, Art Baltazar, and more. Edited by Dark Horse Comics Editor-in Chief Scott Allie, the horror-themed anthology explores the need for artistic freedom for comics creators and fans alike.

Allie spoke with Bloody Disgusting about his work on the project, including the challenges of editing an anthology.

Image Comic’s Eric Stephenson initially approached Allie about taking on the editorial assignment at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con. Allie immediately agreed even though he wasn’t certain he would have the time. He knew that his editorial presence was essential, especially considering the nature of anthology books, so he made sure he was selecting the right contributors for the job:

An anthology is a unique challenge for an editor. On a regular comic, you just have to try to make sure the team gets their stuff in, does a good job, whatever. But on an anthology the book is a much bigger reflection of the editor than is usually the case in comics. If you’re doing it right, then you’re lining stories up that reflect off each other in way that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. So I was real careful in the selection, in choosing creators and accepting pitches, to create a certain effect.

Allie’s initial theme for the anthology was the need for artistic freedom in order for people to tell great stories, as he keeps the writer’s freedoms top of mind when editing any project. He says, “I want the writer to tell his story the best way he can, and sometimes I think I can help him with that.”

Allie concluded by explaining the objective of the CBLDF Liberty Annual, and why it’s an important book for retailers, creators and fans:

The money you spend on this annual goes to support people who need the help, people who’s freedom to read, create, or sell comics. It also goes to education. The Fund spends a lot of money to educate people about free speech issues, and about our need to stay vigilant to those issues, not just for comics, but for other fields of entertainment and beyond. These are messages that need to get out there, and the Fund has been doing a great job for over twenty years. So just buy this comic!

For more on the CBLDF Liberty Annual, read Allie’s interviews with Bloody Disgusting and Comics Alliance.

Retailers: FOC is today, September 9, so get your orders in! Diamond code: Cover A (David Marquez): AUG130596; Cover B (Gabriel Ba): AUG130597; Cover C (Richard Corben): AUG130598.

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