Webinar Focuses on the Use of Graphic Novels in Classrooms

Dr. Meryl Jaffe has graciously donated her time to write our ongoing series Using Graphic Novels in Education. So far, she has provided teaching tips and Common Core State Standards correlations for Persepolis, American Born Chinese, The Silence of Our Friends, and Barefoot Gen. Dr. Jaffe recently participated in a webinar for teachers about using graphic novels in classrooms.

Dr. Jaffe and Capstone Professional kindly granted their permission to share the webinar, which is embedded below. From the webinar description:

In the messages we encounter every day – conversations, media resources, textbooks, Internet – words and visual input are concisely interwoven to relay information, perspectives, and ideas. Common Core Standards mandate that we teach our students how to critically evaluate fiction and non-fiction books, reports, and photo essays, which will serve them well in our world of typically subjective online and informal news tweets and YouTube clips. This webinar will illustrate how graphic novels, news reports and non-fiction books can be integrated in middle school classrooms to teach visual and verbal literacies and social studies while addressing Common Core Standards of using multiple literacy sources and multi-media tools.

Dr. Meryl Jaffe is an instructor for Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Online Division, a teacher mentor, and an educational consultant. She writes teacher guides for prose and graphic texts, speaks at national and international conferences, and facilitates teacher workshops on the inclusion of graphic novels in classrooms. She is the author of Using Content-Area Graphic Texts for Learning: A Guide for Middle-Level Educators.

Use Graphic Texts with Print and Non-Print Media to Promote Multiliteracies from Capstone Publishers on Vimeo.

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