Get What You Really Wanted for the Holidays from CBLDF!

CBLDFPartyYou spent the holiday taking care of everyone else on your list, and maybe all you got in return was a hideous holiday sweater and pack of tube socks. Reward yourself with something that you really wanted by picking up signed graphic novels from CBLDF!

Comics’ greatest creators have contributed signed graphic novels to thank donors for supporting CBLDF’s very important work. You could get yourself signed classics from Alan Moore and Art Spiegelman, or new releases autographed by Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, and many more! You will be helping CBLDF continue our important work protecting the freedom to read comics!

When you support the CBLDF over the next week, The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation will make a contribution of $2 for every donation and gift order placed on CBLDF’s website. In addition, they will contribute $10 for each new membership and $5 for every renewing membership made from now until December 31!

Here are some of the featured items that will satisfy your holiday desires:

Signed Books

Neil Gaiman

THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE, $40 Donation – Mr. Gaiman’s newest novel! A dark and wonderful tale about childhood and nostalgia and the things we remember and the things we forget. A terrific book, and a great gift.

Sandman Omnibus, volume 1, signed by Neil Gaiman, $160 Donation – The latest mega-collection iteration of the award-winning masterpiece from Vertigo.

THE DAY THE SAUCERS CAME Signed & Sketched print, $200 Donation – Beautiful Vertical design, illustrating a very cool poem. Complete with Doodles by Mr. Gaiman by the signature. Very rare; only a few of these left!

Fantastic Mistakes: Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” Speech, signed by Neil Gaiman, $30 Donation Designed by the great Chip Kidd, this gift book brings to life the now-famous “Make Good Art” Speech.

Violent Cases, New HC Edition, $40 Donation – New edition of the classic collaboration between Gaiman and Dave McKean!

SANDMAN OVERTURE #1, Jim Lee Variant!, $125 Donation Rare variant cover for the first issue of the eagerly awaited new SANDMAN series.

STARDUST, $40 Donation Personal Favorite of Deputy Director Alex Cox, lovingly illustrated by master illustrator Charles Vess.

Absolute Death, signed by Neil Gaiman, $150 donation – A gorgeous collection of two wonderful standalone tales, featuring everyone’s favorite personification of mortality.

Midnight Days, signed by Neil Gaiman, $40 DonationA collection of ephemera and “B-sides”, rarely reprinted and sometimes forgotten. If you are a fan of Mr. Gaiman’s comics, this is a “must-have”.

Warren Ellis

Gun Machine, signed by Warren Ellis, $50 Donation – The latest novel from the great Warren Ellis. We are still reading it; that’s how new it is!

Global Frequency, signed by Warren Ellis, $40 Donation – Mind-blowing anthology serioes featuring art from twelve of comics’ greatest storytellers.

Transmetropolitan, Volume 1, $40 Donation – The classic series that started it all!

Iron Man: Extremis, $40 Donation – The inspiration for IRON MAN 3, and a gripping and haunting tale that revitalized Iron Man as a modern comic!

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E., $50 Donation – Maybe the greatest superhero comic ever made. Drunk Robots, dancing monsters, and suicidal spies. Tic tic tic BOOM! With art by Stuart Immonen, one of the greatest modern cartoonists, killing it with dynamite on every single page.

Geoff Johns

Absolute Green Lantern Rebirth, signed by Geoff Johns $125 Donation – The return of Hal Jordan!

Geoff Johns Green Lantern Commemorative Set, $50 Donation – A very cool and rare set of items created for a Geoff Johns tribute event, hosted by the CBLDF in Los Angeles in 2013.

Absolute Blackest Night, signed by Geoff Johns, $150 Donation – The epic series that made Green Lantern a fan-favorite again!

Alan Moore

Lost Girls, signed by Alan Moore, $100 Donation – Alan Moore’s most notorious work. Spell-binding and hypnotic, with wonderful illustrations by the talented Melinda Gebbie.

From Hell, signed by Alan Moore, $100 Donation The all-time favorite Graphic Novel of some folks on staff. This is easily in the top ten masterpieces of the comics art form.

Other Authors

Neil Young’s Greendale, signed and sketched by Cliff Chiang, $25 Donation – A great dip into the world of Neil Young’s Greendale, written and illustrated by two longtime and fervent CBLDF supporters, Joshua Dysart and Cliff Chiang.

100 Bullets volume 1, Deluxe Edition, signed by Brian Azzarello, $60 Donation – A modern crime/noir classic, in a gorgeous hardcover edition.

The Goon: Chinatown, signed and sketched by Eric Powell, $40 Donation – Another crime/noir classic, but this time, with zombies. From the great Eric Powell, these hardcovers come with wee Goon sketches!

Blankets, signed by Craig Thompson, $50 Donation – A modern classic, lushly illustrated. A meditation on young love and loss, this is heartbreaking and heartwarming, both at the same time.

Inside Straight, a Wild Cards novel signed by George R.R. Martin and more!, $75 donation – the latest WILD CARDS anthology, edited and donated by the great G.R.R. Martin, a longtime comics fan. Signed by EVERY contributor, save one.

For the Literary Fan

The Complete Maus, signed by art spiegelman, $75 donation – Pulitzer prize winning masterpiece. Perfect for students of history, students of comics, students of human relationships…. Basically everyone should read this.

Funny Ladies, The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists, signed by Liza Donnelly, $40 Donation – This lovely hardcover is the perfect gift for anyone who loves gag cartons, and the history of cartooning. Liza Donnelly is not only a great cartoonist herself, but she has collected an eye-opening look at other talented women who have graced the pages of THE NEW YORKER over the years.

Habibi, signed by Craig Thompson, limited edition bookplate, $50 Donation – A spectacular fable about language, love, transformation and the nature of storytelling. A truly remarkable work from one of comics’ most gifted creators.

For the Superhero Fan

Absolute Joker/Luthor, signed by Brian Azzarello, $120 Donation – Two undisputed classics from the master of writing great villains, Brian Azzarello!

Watchmen, Deluxe Edition, signed by Dave Gibbons, $60 Donation – THE modern masterpiece.

Black Beetle: No Way Out, signed by Francesco Francavilla, $50 Donation – For fans of pulp, this is the best new comic in years. If you like The Shadow, The Spider, or any other dark avengers who travel city streets looking for two-fisted justice, this is the book to read.

Signed Books for Kids

Boxers and Saints, signed by Gene Luen Yang, $40 Donation – Newest work from Geney Yang, this one is going to be on more “BEST OF” lists than CITIZEN KANE. Get in on the ground floor!

American Born Chinese, signed by Gene Luen Yang, $25 Donation – Award-winning modern classic from the wonderful Gene Yang.

Thor, the Mighty Avenger, signed by Chris Samnee, $30 Donation Written by the amazing Roger Langridge and drawn by the amazing Chris Samnee, this is a spectacular retelling of the Mighty Thor’s early years on Midgard, and first meetings with the Avengers.

SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil, signed by Jeff Smith, $50 Donation – From the deft ink-slinging fingers of BONE’s Jeff Smithy, this is one of the greatest Captain Marvel tales ever created. Hands down.

Bone: One Volume, signed by Jeff Smith, $50 Donation – One of the greatest epics of modern comics, lushly illustrated and in one complete collection!

Beanworld volume 1, signed by Larry Marder, $30 donation – Classic metaphysical phunnies from CBLDF President and beloved cartoonist Larry Marder!

The Graveyard Book, signed by Neil Gaiman, $40 donation – Award winning tale and perennial favorite!


Bill Gaines was Right!, $25 Donation – Our newest shirt!

“I Read Banned Comics”, $20 Donation – a classic design.

“I Read Banned Comics”, Ladies Sizes, $20 Donation

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Fragrances

From our friends at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a few sample fragrances they have created over the years to raise money for our Free Speech work!

Neil Gaiman’s Sunbird, Chapbook & Fragrance set, $50

Liberty, $30 donation

2 ply Bristol, $60 Donation


Rare variant covers, exclusive to the CBLDF! Get them before they’re gone!

Adventure Time #18, CBLDF Variant, $10 donation

Invincible #100, Comixology Variant, $25 Donation


Mighty Avengers #1, CBLDF Variant signed by Jason Latour, $25 donation

Quantum and Woody #1, CBLDF Variant, $10 donation

Other Stuff

Paul Pope’s Liberty Tree Silkscreen print, signed and numbered by Paul Pope, $100 Donation – Previously only available to Members, this is a gorgeous item.

CBLDF Grab Bag, $20 Donation – Donated by the awesome NC store HEROES AREN’T HARD to find, these grab bags come with a possible mix of silver, bronze, and modern comics. TWO signed comics guaranteed in every bag!

Conan Letterpress Print signed by Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood, $50 Donation – Hand-letterpressed in Portland. This is a beautiful print, with textures and details that have to be seen in person!

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