Last Chance to Join the CBLDF in 2013!

With 2014 only weeks away, time is running out to reap the benefits of 2013 membership in the CBLDF.

December is the most important fundraising month for CBLDF. We receive more than a quarter of our annual budget in year-end gifts from supporters like you. If CBLDF is in your charitable plans this month, we thank you. If you are still finalizing your charitable giving plans, we ask you to please consider our worthy efforts. Donations to CBLDF are fully tax deductible in the year they are given. Please help CBLDF continue our important work by making a donation today by becoming a member.

CBLDF Membership packages come with a cool variety of premiums based on art by the great Jaime Hernandez (see awesome membership card art to the right), and these packages will vanish like dust in the wind come January 1, 2014. There’s sweatshirts and numbered prints and raglan tees and more, all exclusive to donors joining in 2013!

We only have a few more weeks until end of year.

So if you haven’t renewed yet for 2013, now’s the time! Click here!

This video walks donors through the various premiums:

And here are some pictures of the amazing premiums available to members who join in these last few weeks of 2013:

Check out all the options for membership here!



photoTo commemorate 2013 as the year comics scribe and CBLDF Supporter Geoff Johns took a bow and exited from his epic run on GREEN LANTERN, anyone joining using THIS LINK will also receive a Johns signed Liberty Card and a Green Lantern ring.

All you need to do is put your favorite color in the MEMO section of the online donation form when you check out!