Raffle of Original 2000 AD Artwork Benefits CBLDF

Judge Dredd Coln MacNeil

You could win this original Colin MacNeil artwork from Judge Dredd!

We just heard that some lovely fans of the UK sci-fi comics weekly 2000 AD have organized a raffle of original artwork to benefit CBLDF! Full details can be found by joining the 2000AD Comic Artwork Facebook group, but some of the items to be raffled include:

A huge page of black and white Judge Dredd art by Colin MacNeil (donated by Dale Jackson), Judge Dredd pages by Paul Marshall and Carlos Ezquerra, Ro-Jaws by Pye Parr, Sláine by Nick Percival, a Boo Cook ‘goodie bag’ and more.

No donation is required to enter, but the organizers urge participants to give at least £2 (about $3.40) on behalf of CBLDF. The raffle ends next Saturday, June 28, at 12pm GMT. Thanks very much to 2000AD Comic Artwork!

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Contributing Editor Maren Williams is a reference librarian who enjoys free speech and rescue dogs.