CBLDF Podcast Episode 5: BOOM! Studios’ ROSS RICHIE

podcast logoIn this episode, CBLDF Deputy Director Alex Cox sat down with Ross Richie, Founder and CEO of BOOM! Studios. Over the past few years, Ross has overseen BOOM! as it has grown into one of the most vibrant and diverse publishers in the market, and has turned what began as a handful of anthology books into a creative collective that publishes a variety of genres, including titles produced by Archaia, BOOMBox, KaBOOM!, and more.

During the podcast, Cox and Richie talk about everything from The Fourth World, Hollywood, Keith Giffen, the Austin Renaissance, Pacific Comics, and more.

CBLDF is honored to have BOOM! among our Corporate Members. Just yesterday, BOOM! and Humble Bundle launched the Humble BOOM! Bundle, a two-week initiative that will allow fans to pay what they want to download DRM-free digital copies of BOOM! titles while supporting CBLDF. Comics fans can pick up dozens of amazing BOOM! comics and choose how their purchase dollars are allocated among the comic creators, Humble Bundle, and CBLDF.


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