Gear Up for Sin City with Frank Miller Merch!

Frank Miller has been a long-time supporter of the CBLDF, serving on the Board of Directors for many years and currently sitting on our Advisory Board. In anticipation of the theatrical release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, we have opened up the archives to release a few very cool Frank Miller items via CBLDF’s eBay page and the CBLDF Rewards Zone!


Frank Miller’s Big Damn Sin City Hardcover, Signed

First, have you seen the Big Damn Sin City book? A beautiful hardcover containing the complete run of Sin City, it’s oversized and packed with wonderfully grim illustrations and stories of corruption and justice. It’s signed by Frank Miller and we have one available on our eBay page.


Daredevil 181 Death of Elektra, Signed by Frank Miller

But how about something really extraordinary? A copy of Daredevil 181, also signed by Frank Miller. Within this issue Bullseye and Elektra face off (and we know what happens next). One more thing: This beauty is not your average single issue. This is a complimentary copy sent from Marvel to Frank Miller. Fancy! Bid on it here!


G.I. Joe 3-Sheet Poster, Signed by Frank Miller!

Finally, here’s something you won’t see everyday: a GI Joe promotional 3-Sheet poster! This is one of only 1,000 copies and measures in at 70” by 37″. Signed by Frank Miller! Super rad and available in our eBay store.



Frank Miller’s MIHO Print (18 +), Signed!

Now, reading is fantastic and we should all do more of it, but sometimes you just need something really cool to decorate your home or office. Like a print. Like a Frank Miller print. Like a signed Frank Miller print that has your favorite Sin City resident, Deadly Little Miho depicted. Thought so. Only a few of these left so make sure you grab it from our online donation center before it’s gone.


Frank Miller’s “JUST ONE MORE” Print, Signed!

An exclusive to CBLDF is a print entitled “Just One More” , a harrowing Frank Miller depiction of a young girl being protected for her own good.

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