Humble Comics Bundles: A Resounding Success!

BestOfArchie_Vol1Over the past several months, CBLDF has been the lucky beneficiary of several comics-themed Humble Bundles. Thanks to all the publishers, distributors, and readers who have chosen to share the proceeds with us! Don’t miss the latest package, the Humble Archie Comics Bundle, over here.

Of course none of it would be possible without the Humble folks who came up with the brilliant pay-what-you-want model in the first place, so we’re glad to read in this Comicosity interview with Director of eBooks Kelley Allen that it works: ebook bundles made $5.6 million in 2014, and $1.2 million of that went to charity! (Not just us–some other worthy beneficiaries of the comics bundles have included Hero Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, Make-a-Wish, and RAINN.) Allen talked to Comicosity’s Matt-Santori Griffith about how the beneficiaries are selected:

We’ve done a lot of work with both of these charities and they’ve done a ton of good for the comic book industry. Whenever we work with a publisher, we let them choose the charities, and in this case, Archie chose both.

Hero Initiative is a charity that helps a lot of comic book creators that unfortunately did not receive the fruit of their labors. We all know the story about the guys who created Superman, who experienced poverty afterwards. The Hero Initiative goes out to these creators and they will help them out with assistance for medical bills, rent, and food.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a great organization that’s out there promoting the First Amendment, helping titles that have been banned to get back into the mainstream. They’re fighting for the right to have great content out in the public.

As always, we are honored to be included in this Bundle! Check out the full interview with Allen here, and then treat yourself to some Archie books.

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Contributing Editor Maren Williams is a reference librarian who enjoys free speech and rescue dogs.