Join the Fight as a CBLDF Member in 2015!

2015 web readyJoining the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund puts you on the front line of the fight against censorship! Your membership dollars provide the tools to fight back when comic book readers, retailers, and artists are muzzled, censored, or attacked! When you become a CBLDF member, you are proclaiming that comics are important and that you are a protector of their First Amendment rights!

When you join CBLDF, we’ll thank you with the best incentives and benefits in the free speech community, starting off with a stunning membership card by cartoonist Michael Cho! With his singular style, Mr. Cho has created a card that you’ll be proud to keep in your wallet. It is also your ticket to special events across the country, and it shows the world that you support free speech!

“I support the CBLDF because freedom of expression is a fundamental requirement for the creation of art.  I take it for granted sometimes but, when I encounter examples of censorship, I am grateful for the organizations that stand in solidarity with artists against the forces that want to take that freedom away from us.

– Michael Cho, cartoonist

We have membership plans for donors in every budget, each with its own premiums and benefits, and all of them are tax-deductible. Of course, the number one benefit of membership is peace of mind. You’ll know that there’s someone at the other end of the phone when a reader’s freedom to read is attacked, a retailer gets busted, a graphic novel is challenged in libraries, an artist is brought up on charges — all for exercising their First Amendment rights! Become a member of CBLDF, and help preserve comics as a vital medium for this century!

Here’s How Your Donation Will Be Used:

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Here’s what you get for joining CBLDF:

2015 Member — $100

The standard level for membership includes the CBLDF membership card, and an EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, featuring the art of Michael Cho! This shirt is printed on organic cotton, available ONLY to Members. You will also receive a button set, featuring our member button and more, and a sticker set, which includes an assortment of high quality CBLDF stickers! Finally, you’ll get a fully-embroidered member patch, featuring the classic CBLDF member logo!


2015 Associate Member — $30

At this membership level, donors receive the CBLDF membership card, featuring artwork by Michael Cho, and a CBLDF bumper sticker!

2015 Supporter Member — $50

CBLDF Supporter Members receive the CBLDF membership card and the CBLDF button set, sticker set, and member patch, featuring the classic CBLDF member logo!

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2015 Defender Member — $250

As a Defender Member, you will receive the awesome CBLDF coffee mug, featuring the 2015 member logo, and 2015 member canvas tote bag, perfect for storing the comics and graphic novels you have helped protect!

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: The EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, button set, sticker set, and member patch!


2015 Protector Member — $500

As a Protector Member, you will receive an exclusive CBLDF embossed executive Moleskin journal and a CBLDF gym bag!

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: The EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, button set, sticker set, member patch, canvas tote, and coffee mug!


2015 Champion Member — $1,000

As a Champion Member, you will receive recognition in the next LIBERTY ANNUAL, as well as the CBLDF 2015 publication assortment, including all educational publications, variant covers, Liberty Annuals, and assorted printed matter!

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: The EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, button set, sticker set, member patch, canvas tote, coffee mug, gym bag, and CBLDF executive Moleskin!

2015 Guardian Member — $2,500

As a Guardian Member, you will receive all of the previous, as well as special recognition in select publications throughout 2014!

Membership also includes a member-exclusive rates (or complimentary at every membership level above Defender) for a subscription to the CBLDF Defender, a quarterly news magazine coming to you from the front lines of the fight for free speech! Each issue of CBLDF Defender will bring engaging creator interviews, detailed analysis of current censorship news, and in-depth features that tell the story of the people fighting for the freedom to read!

Retail Membership


Independent comic book, manga, and book retailers are a vital part of today’s comic book culture. Unfortunately, they are also often the first to be attacked when censorship rears its ugly head.

Since CBLDF was founded in 1986, retailers have been among the Fund’s strongest supporters, and retailers perform a valuable service by providing comics to their local communities and educating consumers. They’re also among the first to support their brethren when they come under attack, and many are doing so as Retailer Members of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Sign up your store to be a member! Join the Fund today and receive special rewards that tell your customers you’re fighting the good fight. You’ll get exclusive comics, signed prints, and more as a thank you for your support!

All stores joining receive:

  • CBLDF window cling
  • “FREE SPEECH IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR” 24″ by 30″ poster by comic superstar Cliff Chiang.
  • A CBLDF donation can
  • A CBLDF membership card

The levels for Retailer Membership are as follows:

$100: The Retailer Advocate

$250: The Retailer Defender

$500: The Retailer Protector

$1,000: The Retailer Champion

Corporate Membership

If you’re a leader in the graphic novel industry, then you should be a corporate member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. CBLDF’s corporate members recognize that the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our business, and their efforts support CBLDF’s important work to protect those rights for the comic book, manga, and graphic novel industries. Corporate members are listed on the CBLDF website, in all of our publications, and on event signage. They also have first access to partnership opportunities throughout the year. To learn more about the benefits of Corporate Membership, please contact Executive Director Charles Brownstein at

CBLDF is classified as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service, and donations are tax-deductible in the year they are given. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine the full extent to which your donation is deductible.