Comics After Charlie Hebdo: Blank Space and CBLDF Call For Entries For Oslo Exhibition & Fundraiser

5a052f_b3f5cc8f8b864646b7514e6636cbb4f0.gif_srz_1768_1768_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_gif_srzIn 2015, the power of comics as free expression is not an abstract notion, it’s a matter of life and death. Blank Space, in collaboration with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, is inviting cartoonists to create short comics commenting on the struggle for free expression as it impacts their own work, and society at large for an exhibition opening on March 20.

Art may be submitted in any form, whether it is original panels, sketches, roughs, whole pages, inked, pencils, colored, etc. The gallery would also appreciate any notes, thumbnails, or text related to the pieces. The supporting materials will be used to generate copy related to the process of making comics and will help gallery visitors understand the hard work that goes into making a narrative illustration. Blank Space hopes to donate 100% of the profit from the sale of donated art to CBLDF, but they are open to negotiation in regards to a percentage of the profit remaining with the original artist. Unless the artist requests the return of the donated pieces, all artwork and accompanying materials not sold during the exhibition will be forwarded to CBLDF for future auctions and fundraising events.

Though artists are encouraged to create new expressions in response to recent attacks on free speech, all work can be accepted, including previously made illustrations or comics.

CBLDF has worked with names such as Neil Gaiman, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, Dark Horse, Image, DC and more to help represent comics in the legal world. Blank Space works tirelessly to redefine what most audiences are told art is, and we do this by hosting exhibitions that generally defy standard gallery representation, such as animations, illustrations, street art, special effects and film design, and many more – including comic art. We’ve had the pleasure of representing Sterling Hundley (Blue Collar / White Collar, Treasure Island, Society of Illustrators), Cliff Wallace (28 Days Later, Hellboy II, World War Z), Mingjue Helen Chen (Paperman, Big Hero 6) and are currently working with Storm Studios (Dead Snow, Troll Hunter) and Cartoon Saloon (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea) for future exhibitions.

Please help Blank Space and CBLDF protect the free expression of comics! If you would like to donate, contact Liz Ramsey, the founder and director of Blank Space, by emailing