This May, make a difference by becoming a member of Comic Book Legal Defense Fund during our SPRING INTO ACTION Membership Drive! Become a #comicdefender today, and help CBLDF reach our goal of signing up 500 new or renewing members in May. Your membership will help advance our work protecting the freedom to read comics!

Attempts to ban comics are on the rise. So far this year, CBLDF has participated in the defense of more than a dozen school and library challenges, including attacks on The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell, This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki, and Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez. Thanks to our efforts, these books are still on the shelves. But the challenges keep coming, and that’s why we’re asking everyone who cares about the freedom to read comics to become a member today.

You can make a difference in the fight for free expression by joining CBLDF now. All month, we’ll be offering limited-time incentives to thank you for being a #comicdefender!

  • All donors will receive a special SPRING INTO ACTION edition of DEFEND COMICS, a 54-page all-star digital anthology featuring stories by Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee, Jason Aaron and Moritat, Andy Diggle and Ben Templesmith, Terry Moore, Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier, Evan Dorkin, Amy Chu and Shannon Wheeler, and many more!
  • This week, while supplies last:
    • All new & renewing members will receive a copy of Raising A Reader: How Comics & Graphic Novels Can Help Your Kids Love to Read! and Defend Comics 2015 Free Comic Book Day Edition!
    • Members joining (or increasing their current membership) at the $100 Member level will receive a copy of Rebels #1, CBLDF variant edition, signed by Brian Wood.
    • Members joining at or increasing their current membership to the $250 Defender level will receive a copy of Wytches #1, CBLDF variant signed by Scott Snyder and Cliff Chiang!
    • Members joining at or increasing their current membership to the $500 Protector level or the $1,000 Champion level will receive a copy of Wytches #1, CBLDF variant signed by Scott Snyder, series artist Jockand Cliff Chiang!

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Here’s what you get for joining CBLDF:

2015 Member — $100

The standard level for membership includes the CBLDF membership card, and an EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, featuring the art of Michael Cho! This shirt is printed on organic cotton, available ONLY to Members. You will also receive a button set, featuring our member button and more, and a sticker set, which includes an assortment of high quality CBLDF stickers! Finally, you’ll get a fully-embroidered member patch, featuring the classic CBLDF member logo!

2015 Associate Member — $30

At this membership level, donors receive the CBLDF membership card, featuring artwork by Michael Cho, and a CBLDF bumper sticker!

2015 Supporter Member — $50

CBLDF Supporter Members receive the CBLDF membership card and the CBLDF button set, sticker set, and member patch, featuring the classic CBLDF member logo!

2015 Defender Member — $250

As a Defender Member, you will receive the awesome CBLDF coffee mug, featuring the 2015 member logo, and 2015 member canvas tote bag, perfect for storing the comics and graphic novels you have helped protect!

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: The EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, button set, sticker set, and member patch!

2015 Protector Member — $500

As a Protector Member, you will receive an exclusive CBLDF embossed executive Moleskin journal and a CBLDF gym bag!

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: The EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, button set, sticker set, member patch, canvas tote, and coffee mug!

2015 Champion Member — $1,000

As a Champion Member, you will receive recognition in the next LIBERTY ANNUAL, as well as the CBLDF 2015 publication assortment, including all educational publications, variant covers, Liberty Annuals, and assorted printed matter!

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: The EXCLUSIVE MEMBER-ONLY t-shirt, button set, sticker set, member patch, canvas tote, coffee mug, gym bag, and CBLDF executive Moleskin!

2015 Guardian Member — $2,500

As a Guardian Member, you will receive all of the previous, as well as special recognition in select publications throughout 2015!

Membership also includes a member-exclusive rates — or complimentary at every membership level above Defender — for a subscription to the CBLDF Defender, a quarterly news magazine coming to you from the front lines of the fight for free speech! Each issue of CBLDF Defender will bring engaging creator interviews, detailed analysis of current censorship news, and in-depth features that tell the story of the people fighting for the freedom to read!

Challenges to comics are happening at an alarming rate. According to the American Library Association, three of the top-ten most frequently challenged books in 2014 were the graphic novels Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, and Drama by Raina Telgemeier. Those are just a few of the dozens of incidents of comics censorship happening each year. CBLDF intervenes in these cases by deploying our experts and staff to provide assistance. We also produce timely preventative resources that help thwart censorship before it can happen.

We can only do this work with your support! Please make a 100% tax-deductible gift to CBLDF today. Your contribution will help us fight censorship and protect the freedom to read comics. Please join CBLDF and become a #comicdefender now!