Last In Stock Means It’s Your Last Chance!

August has seen a rise in great new CBLDF Limited Edition Premiums, and when the month is up we may not be seeing them again!

During the entire month of August, our Rewards Zone has been hosting the CBLDF T-Shirt Blowout. In an effort to make room for new and exciting apparel, we’ve been offering supporters Classic CBLDF tees for a donation of only $10! These Classic tees come in a variety of designs and styles, featuring work by and inspired by Neil Gaiman, John Cassaday, and Matt Wagner!

While you’re browsing our Rewards Zone, make sure to check out our newest apparel — the CBLDF Coat of Arms T-Shirt, designed by Brian Wood! From the creator of DMZ and Demo now comes new official CBLDF branded merchandise, including the matching Coat of Arms Embroidered Patch. Donate $25 for a CBLDF Featured Premium Tee and we’ll send you a surprise bonus shirt for free!  This promotion only lasts through August, so get your officially branded gear today!

CBLDF Grendel TeeIMG_20150730_173409CBLDF Bratpack T

August also saw the reintroduction of 2011’s collaboration with Cryptozoic Entertainment, the CBLDF Liberty Trading Card Deck! Only recently uncovered, CBLDF Supporters can now take home the last of the entire 72-card set in one go. The deck archives the history of the First Amendment — and the Fund’s many battles defending it — with educational and entertaining summaries on the cards backs. Each event is chronicled with full color original art, bringing these landmark cases to life!

Up your order to the Deluxe Deck and we’ll also include five Signature Series Autograph Cards, five Original Art Sketch Cards, as well as nine Interconnecting Variant Cards that combine to create the “Lady Liberty” Poster drawn by Robert Liefeld specially for these cards!

Looking for something even more unique? These Premium Sketch Cards are a great way to add limited pieces of hand drawn original artwork to your collection.  You’re guaranteed to receive a n original from one of thses great creators: Dave Crosland, Brian Azzarello, Neil Gaiman, Charlie Adlard, James Kochalka, Peter Kuper, Stan Sakai, Jeff Smith, or Erik Larsen!


The highly anticipated CBLDF Comic Grab Bags saw their return at the beginning of the month, with the 30-packs selling out in under a week! We’re down to our last longbox of these mystery bundles, order now to see what Silver Age and Modern Classics are hidden inside!

While these are the last of some great great premiums, the CBLDF Rewards Zone is constantly updated with more new and limited edition premiums! Visit to see what exclusive items can be yours by fighting for First Amendment rights!