Batmen Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Offer Custom Signatures to CBLDF Supporters This Batman Day!

This Saturday marks Batman’s 76th birthday, and if you can’t make it to your local comic shop celebration, CBLDF will bring the party to you with premiums and personalized graphic novels from batmen Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV all weekend!

The CBLDF Rewards Zone has opened up a new Staff Picks tab to highlight what we’re reading, and this week we’ve all gone a little batty! Among our already impressive library of Bat-titles are signed premiums from creators like Jim Lee, Frank Quietly, and Frank Miller! New to the collection are Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn, The Black Mirror, and Hush, shelved next to other classic stories such as Batman Year One and Mad Love.

For supporters donating more than $50 towards new and classic premiums, we’ll send you a FREE Dark Knight Returns Poster! Featuring Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s artwork, which was released for Batman’s 50th anniversary and also used for Absolute Dark Knight, Batman will stand guard over the Gotham skyline as well as your home or office. We have a limited number of these promotional posters in stock, so order today while supplies last!

CBLDF always provides great signed premiums to our contributors, but this weekend only we’re offering customized bookplates from writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV! Order the Court of Owls hardcover or Batman Eternal Volume 1 trade paperback, and you’ll receive a copy signed to you or a loved one by one or both writers. When placing your order, make sure to add a note in the memo section of the order, requesting the name and brief message you would like inscribed on your books, like “Happy birthday, Bruce!”

You’ll find more signed premiums from long-time supporter Scott Snyder in our Rewards Zone, but this week we’re also adding limited edition premiums on our live auctions page like this CBLDF Exclusive Wytches #1 Variant signed by Snyder, Jock, and Chiang!

By participating in this Comic Book Legal Defense Fund special offer, you’re not only celebrating Batman but also the freedom of speech!