Gaiman Rarities Extend to Exclusive BPAL Scents!

GaimanInspired by Nail Gaiman’s release of rare and out-of-print work through Humble Bundle, CBLDF is proud to reintroduce classic BPAL scents influenced by Gaiman’s rich literary history, as well as new and limited edition fragrance blends to supporters.

Long-time advocates of free speech, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has mixed dozens of romantic fragrances, including CBLDF exclusives to celebrate our favorite titles or to simply evoke the sensation of holding a freshly penciled piece of comic art. New to the Rewards Zone are eight Neil Gaiman-inspired scents selected from several collections, including the pages of Neverwhere and Coraline!

Never before seen on the website, you can take home the following scents for a small donation of $30:

CBLDF and BPAL have combined efforts to not only bring supporters original aromas, but have paired them with limited edition and hand signed prints such as Neil Gaiman’s The Fool, which comes with an autographed variant “The Fool” tarot card designed by Alicia Dabney. Many of these products are limited in quantity, with less than 5 in stock!

While you’re in the Rewards Zone, don’t miss our specialty BPAL auction collection, which you can reach via the Online Auctions tab. This week, you’ll find the last Strangers In Paradise “Parker Lily” Complete Edition, featuring the SIP Omnibus Volumes I & II with matching slipcase and a bottle of BPAL’s “Parker Lily” fragrance! Limited to a pressing of 26 bottles, this is the last of the custom fragrance available on the market!

In this week’s BPAL auction collection, you’ll also find bottles that have previously never been made available to the public! Prototype bottles are sometimes presented at BPAL’s famed Lunacy Events for a preview of what’s to come, but many formulas like these have never seen storefront shelves. Treat yourself (and your noses) to unreleased versions of the CBLDF exclusive scents that never were for a truly unique olfactory experience!

CBLDF thanks all of our Corporate Members, like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, for making the fight for free speech possible. Learn how you can join the fight by becoming a member.