New Comic Book Day: Don’t Miss Batman Year 100 Deluxe Edition, Signed by Paul Pope!

Batman100Paul Pope’s Batman Year 100 hits the shelves today, now bound and collected in a deluxe hardcover edition. This edition contains all four issues from the original series run as well as never before published sketch material — and when you get your copy from CBLDF, you’re getting all 240 pages of great material in a hardcover signed by visionary writer and creator Paul Pope!

Also out this week from Pope is volume two of his Aurora West series, The Fall of the House of West. Fewer than ten hand-signed copies were donated to the Fund by Pope and will go to the first supporters placing orders in our Rewards Zone. Get the whole story by reading Battling Boy, now available in both hardcover and softcover! Already a fan of the series? Show your support by sporting the CBLDF exclusive Haggard West Fan Club embroidered patch.

Paul Pope is a longtime supporter of CBLDFs fight for free speech, which is why this week we’ve collected all of Pope’s donations into our Staff Picks. From signed graphic novels to limited edition prints, CBLDF is proud to present our supporters with a variety of signed and exclusive premiums.

We’re offering even more Pope premiums on our auctions page. This week you can bid to win a hand signed copy of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club 2 #1 Phantom Variant signed by the cover artist — you guessed it — Paul Pope!

Also out this month is the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015, an anthology of stories and pin-ups embracing free speech. Help us fight censorship by reading all of our CBLDF Publications!

Don’t miss these amazing Paul Pope items and more in the CBLDF Rewards Zone, our Staff Picks, and on eBay! All funds raised help us continue our fight for your right to read!