Nominate a Defender of Free Speech for Index on Censorship’s Freedom of Expression Awards!

Index on Censorship, an international organization dedicated to protecting free speech around the world, has opened the floor to nominate artists, journalists, and other activists for the 2016 Freedom of Expression Awards. From the arts and journalism to campaigning and digital activism, the awards celebrate people who have tackled censorship and stood up for freedom of expression.

Index on Censorship, which will announce the awards in April 2016, is collecting nominations until October 19. As Index proudly declares, “celebrate courage, creativity and persistence in the face of censorship. Call attention to some of the world’s bravest journalists, artists, campaigners and digital activists.” Below is a breakdown of the nomination categories from the website:

Arts: For artists and arts producers whose work challenges repression and injustice and celebrates artistic free expression

Campaigning: For activists and campaigners who have had a marked impact in fighting censorship and promoting freedom of expression

Digital Activism: For innovative uses of technology to circumvent censorship and enable free and independent exchange of information

Journalism: For courageous, high impact and determined journalism that exposes censorship and threats to free expression

Cartoonists are among the most vocal and prominent defenders of free speech. In the past year, CBLDF has covered many notable and brave cartoonists from around the world who continue to face a variety of challenges in their respective countries, including Iranian cartoonist Atena FarghadaniZunar in Malaysia, Bonil in Educador, and Musa Kart in Turkey, just to name a few. If any of these stories was especially impactful for you or if you know a free speech superhero in your community, we suggest you nominate him or her for a Index on Censorship Award here.

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