DKIII Is Here and So Are Vintage Collectibles from Frank Miller’s Personal Archive!

Frank Miller opens up his personal archives in support of CBLDF and our fight to protect free speech! In celebration of Miller’s newest release, The Dark Knight: the Master Race, CBLDF is bringing supporters some of the creator’s earliest works, hand-signed by Miller himself! 

Because these items are no longer in print, many never released to the public, we’re auctioning them off in a week-long Mad Over Miller eBay collection! Inside you’ll find magazines, single issues, posters, prints, and more! Here are a few of our favorite (and most exclusive!) premiums up for bid:


Some of these premiums might look familiar. The Miho Artist Proof print provides a rare glimpse at how CBLDF Exclusives take shape. You can see the final product in the Rewards Zone.


You may recognize this Santa Claus print from the cover of the fourth issue of our quarterly newsletter, CBLDF Defender, which is in stores this week! This unreleased print comes signed by Miller in a seasonal bright red.

And possibly the most appropriate item from Miller’s collection: A placeholder only available to select comic shops letting comic fans of the 1980s know that Dark Knight #3 Is Here!

Don’t forget to visit the CBLDF Rewards Zone for even more exclusive premiums signed by Frank Miller!