Brownstein Featured on Products of the Mind Podcast

CB Products of the Mind

Illustration by Whit Harris, courtesy David Lizerbram

This week, CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein sat down with business law strategist David Lizerbram for the latest episode of the Products of the Mind podcast. In the 50-minute interview, the two discuss Brownstein’s comics background, landmark free-speech cases, book challenges in school libraries, and more!

Lizerbram’s Products of the Mind is a weekly podcast about “the intersection of business and creativity.” In the episode that went live Monday, he and Brownstein covered a lot of ground:

Most of this interview focuses on the problem of censorship, and how First Amendment rights are at risk as a result of print-media protests. We’ll discuss a number of historic free-speech cases from the last 20 years, and Charles will talk about the importance of protecting speech rights regardless of how a piece of art makes someone feel. Charles covers vulgarity in comic books, school library books of “sensitive nature,” and why Manga is not child pornography. Lastly, we discuss the “chilling effect” or the psychological impact censoring acts have on artists and art culture, and the importance of protecting free speech at all costs.

You can listen to the episode here, or subscribe to Products of the Mind through your favorite podcasting service! Links to more information on key issues discussed in the interview are available in the show notes. Thanks to David Lizerbram and producer Mana Monzavi for making the episode happen!

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