Batman Books Signed by Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli, Jim Lee, and More to Benefit CBLDF!

CBLDF is now offering copies of Absolute Batman: Year One slipcase signed by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli to reward your donation! We are also offering Batman: Hush signed by Jim Lee, Batman Planetary deluxe hardcover signed by John Cassaday, Batman: Year 100 deluxe hardcover signed by Paul Pope, and Batman Incorporated Volume One hardcover, signed by Chris Burnham!

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batman year one

batman year one 1 batman year one 2-1 batman year one 2-2

The Absolute Batman: Year One slipcase includes two beautiful oversized hardcovers: the first volume contains the recolored version presented in previous collected editions, and the second reprints the original 1987 series, printed on stock that looks and feels like the original issues! The two volumes contain over 60 pages of bonus material, and the second volume also reprints the original letter columns! This truly incredible collection comes signed by both Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli — donate here to get your own copy!


We are also offering Batman: Hush to reward your CBLDF donation! Don’t miss out on this modern classic, signed by legendary artist Jim Lee. Donate here to grab one before they’re gone!

batman planetary

Batman Planetary is now available for the first time from CBLDF! This deluxe edition hardcover reprints the original story as well as a script by Warren Ellis! Donate here to get a copy, signed by artist John Cassaday!


If you haven’t read Batman Year 100 yet, grab yourself a copy of this excellent book signed by creator Paul Pope! This deluxe hardcover edition is available for donation here!

batman inc

Don’t miss out on Batman Incorporated! We are currently offering this deluxe hardcover edition signed by series artist Chris Burnham! Donate here to get your very own signed copy!

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