We’re Back From ECCC With Geof Darrow, Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, and More Signed Books!

We’re back from ECCC with some great new signed books, including The Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot HC and Shaolin Cowboy: Shemp Buffet HC both signed by Geof Darrow, BPRD: Plague of Frogs HC signed by Mike Mignola, The Walking Dead and Outcast signed by Robert Kirkman, and The Spirit Returns HC signed by Matt Wagner and Dan Schkade!

We had a great time at Emerald City Comic Con, and made it back with some really fantastic books! Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by our booth, and to all the artists and writers who graciously donated their signatures to reward our supporters! Keep reading or follow the links provided above for more information on these excellent new items.

 big guy rusty

CBLDF is currently offering The Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot hardcover, signed and sketched by legendary artist Geof Darrow! Don’t miss out on this great book — donate here to get your copy today! We also have a few copies of the softcover edition, signed by author Frank Miller, available here!

shaolin cowboy shemp buffet

Get ready for the new Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Rain series with Shaolin Cowboy: Shemp Buffet hardcover, signed and sketched by creator Geof Darrow! Donate here to get yours today.

bprd plague frogs

We currently have a few copies of BPRD: Plague of Frogs Volume One hardcover, signed and sketched by creator Mike Mignola! There are only a limited number available, so act quickly if you’re interested! Donate here to grab your own signed copy.

 twd hc v1  twd novel  outcast

Don’t miss our new premiums signed by Robert Kirkman! We currently have a few copies of The Walking Dead Volume One hardcover, the deluxe slipcase edition of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor novel, and Outcast Volume One trade paperback! Follow the links provided for more information on each title, all signed by Robert Kirkman! Don’t wait — donate today before they’re gone!

spirit returns

CBLDF now has copies of Will Eisner’s The Spirit Returns, signed by author Matt Wagner and artist Dan Schkade! Wagner and Schkade celebrate 75 years of Will Eisner’s legendary character with a new Spirit mystery, available in hardcover here!

Don’t miss out on these great items and more — visit the CBLDF Rewards Zone today! All proceeds benefit CBLDF’s important First Amendment work!