Classic Marvel GNs Signed by Hudlin, Miller, & Claremont Benefit CBLDF!

This week CBLDF is rewarding your donations with character-defining Marvel collections signed by their creators, including Black Panther by Hudlin TP Volumes One, Two, and Three, all signed by Reginald HudlinDaredevil by Miller & Janson Omnibus and Omnibus Companion, signed by Frank MillerElektra Omnibus HC, signed by Frank Miller & Bill SienkiewiczWolverine by Claremont & Miller HC signed by Frank Miller & Chris Claremont; plus Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume One HC and Marvel Universe by Chris Claremont HC, both signed by Chris Claremont! Follow the links provided for more information.


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Can’t get enough of T’Challa on the big screen? Dive back into Wakanda with Black Panther by Hudlin volumes one, two, and three, all signed by author Reginald Hudlin! Don’t wait, grab your signed copy today before they’re gone!

daredevilcompanion_1024x1024 daredevilomnibus Elektra Omnibus

Support CBLDF and get your hands on a signed copy of one of Frank Miller’s character-defining runs on Daredevil and Elektra! We’re offering Daredevil by Miller and Janson Omnibus and Omnibus Companion, both signed by author Frank Miller, as well as Elektra Omnibus HC signed by creative team Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz! Donate today to snag your own signed copy!

wolverinemiller uncannyxmen marvelubyclaremont

CBLDF is offering our donors the chance to grab a signed copy of Wolverine by Claremont & Miller HC, signed by both Chris Claremont and Frank Miller! Quantities are limited, so order today to grab your copy! We’re also offering Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume One HC and Marvel Universe by Chris Claremont HC, both signed by author Chris Claremont! Don’t miss out on these classic Marvel collections, donate today! 

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