Schanes & Schanes Art Portfolio Archives Auction To Benefit CBLDF

CBLDF is proud to offer our donors the chance to get file copies of rare art portfolios from the collection of industry legend Bill Schanes!  Schanes is the co-founder of Pacific Comics, the groundbreaking west coast independent comics publisher. These portfolios are Schanes’ personal file copies, and most are signed with very low numbers! CBLDF is currently offering portfolios by Frank Frazetta, Wendy Pini, P. Craig Russell, Mike Grell, and William Stout, available now on our eBay fundraising page. Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing art and a piece of industry history, all while supporting CBLDF’s important work! Read on for a glimpse of these incredible portfolios, and bid on them here!


The Curse Of The Ring by P. Craig Russell!




 Bill Schanes holding P. Craig Russell’s The Curse Of The Ring




 Elfquest by Wendy Pini!




 Starslayer: The Log Of The Jolly Roger by Mike Grell!




Kubla Khan by Frank Frazetta!




Dragon Slayers by William Stout!




Bill Schanes & Alex Cox opening up the archived portfolios for the first time since they were packed over 35 years ago!





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