Celebrate Everyone’s Favorite Antihero Harley Quinn With These Signed Books To Benefit CBLDF!

CBLDF is proud to offer these amazing graphic novels that spotlight one of DC Comics most popular characters, Harley Quinn, signed by some legendary creators! Supporters have the chance to pick up Batman Adventures: Mad Love HC,  signed by Bruce Timm; Harley Quinn Vol 1 HC, signed by Terry Dodson & Harley Quinn: Rebirth Vol 1 HC signed by Amanda Conner & Jimmy PalmiottiYour support helps CBLDF fight to protect the most vulnerable voices from being silenced, create free educational resources for educators and retailers alike, and so much more. Don’t wait, so show your support for the First Amendment today!

mad love

Batman Adventures: Mad Love HC Signed By Bruce Timm


Harley Quinn Vol 1 HC Signed by Terry Dodson


Harley Quinn Rebirth HC Vol 1 Signed by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

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