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It is National Friends of the Library Week, a week set aside to draw attention to those amazing volunteers and fundraisers who support libraries in their community. But it’s also a great excuse to remind everyone there are lots of ways to be a good friend to your library. For example, you could share the many amazing free resources CBLDF offers with them, so they can continue to increase their comics collection. Or get a local comics shop to attend the upcoming Retailing to Schools and Libraries Webinar, so that they can continue to increase their comics collection. Or give your favorite librarians a copy of CBLDF’s Comics — Start Here! A helpful guide to best practices of starting and growing a comics collection at a library! Okay yes, all of the our suggestions involve more comics, but there’s no way that’s  a bad thing. Check out the resources below and share them with your favorite library. All of these are always available at 


To download your free PDF copy of Comics Start Here, a CBLDF introduction to adding or expanding the comics collections at your library – click here:  Comics Start Here

Or you can flip through a copy right here:

CBLDF Webinars

CBLDF hosts free webinars regularly that aim to help librarians and educators address censorship and use comics to engage readers. Check out upcoming topics or rewatch the back catalogue at your convenience at Start with Addressing Identity Censorship, featuring best-selling trans comics author Lilah Sturges and Chief Librarian and CEO of Pike’s Peak Library in Colorado John Spears. The two panelists use their considerable expertise to help others understand how to combat the increasing tide of identity censorship.

Webinar Series

Cataloging Resources

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Find additional resources for adding comics to your collection, what to do if someone challenges a graphic novel in your library, and how to connect with local creators to host special events.
Comic Book Database
A massive wiki aimed at cataloging and cross referencing every issue of comics.
Comic Vine
A comprehensive wiki on comic books that also includes information on TV, movies, and relevant editorial content.
Book Riot Comics
Website and newsletter, especialy geared towards kids and YA related comics.
Anime News Network
Strong database search with information about manga readily available.
Diamond Books
Industry’s leading graphic novel distributor. Sign up for the newsletter & check their website for the latest releases.

Summary Statements

Search these sites for help writing summary statements.
Google Books


The Manga Book Club Handbook is invaluable resource, created in partnership with VIZ Media, that will help you start and make the most of book clubs for manga! The Manga Book Club Handbook lays out the basics of manga and provides the tools you need to start a book club for manga, including suggested readings to get you started!

Download a PDF of the Manga Book Club Handbook here.

Hardcopies of the Manga Book Club Handbook are available in the CBLDF Rewards Zone here

Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices
Get CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices SC
Made possible with a grant from the Gaiman Foundation, CBLDF Presents Manga is a handbook designed to provide a concise and informed overview of manga—its history, genres, and issues. This educational work delves into the history of manga, its major demographic divisions, its most significant creators, and the challenges it has sometimes faced in North America.

What sets this book apart from other manga guides is its expert panel of writers, including not only scholars of the medium but veterans of the manga industry itself—professionals who have worked from both the North American and Japanese sides of manga in publishing, editing, review, and library services. Edited by Melinda Beasi of Manga Bookshelf, CBLDF Presents Manga is written by Manga Bookshelf columnist Sean Gaffney, Ed Chavez of Vertical, Erica Friedman of Yuricon and ALC Publishing, Shaenon Garrity of Viz Media and Otaku USA, and Robin Brenner and Katherine Dacey of School Library Journal.

CBLDF Presents Manga is an insider’s view on this dynamic and influential field and promises to be an essential resource for years to come!

Check out 50 manga series every library must have!

Manga Cheat Sheet, Archetypes and Genres

Dealing with Challenges

Making Strong Policies
Strong policies are key for protecting access to library materials, including comics. The American Library Association has developed a number of excellent tools to assist school and public libraries in the essential preparation to perform before books are challenged here!
Challenge Essentials
What do you do when a comic is challenged?
After you contact CBLDF, check out these resources the American Library Association developed to cope with challenges:
Conducting a Challenge Hearing
Challenge Support
Sample Request for Resource Reconsideration


CBLDF Resources

CBLDF has developed tools to keep people informed about censorship and to help retailers, educators, and librarians explain the bene t of comics.

Web Resources

  • Raising a Reader: An advanced resource about the learning benefits of comics in the Common Core and more. Written by Dr. Meryl Jaffe.
  • Panel Power: Inspire kids to become lifelong readers! A CBLDF resource for battling misconceptions about comics – filled with information, activities, and reading recommendations.
  • Using Graphic Novels in Education: In this column we examine graphic novels, especially those that have been targeted by censors, and provide teaching and discussion suggestions.
  • Adding Graphic Novels to Your Library or Classroom Collection: Provide information about comics, including reviews, praise, awards, and other CBLDF resources, that educators and librarians can use to justify adding a book to their collections.
  • CBLDF Discussion Guides: Tools to lead conversations about graphic novels. Great for teachers, librarians, retailers, book clubs, and parents to start a dialogue about reading.
  • CBLDF Newsletter: A weekly email that keeps you informed about censorship news, book challenges, and everything CBLDF is doing on the front lines of free expression.

Print Resources