SF Mayor Enjoys CBLDF Resource (and you can too)!



San Francisco mayor at Comix Experience (photo from store’s Facebook)

Last Week Comix Experience, a landmark San Francisco comics shop, enjoyed an unexpected visit from London Breed, the city’s current mayor. There to discuss the trials and tribulations facing small businesses with owner Brian Hibbs. Breed found some extra time to check out This is What Democracy Looks Like, a free comic produced by The Center for Cartoon Studies that CBLDF crafted the study guide for.

This is What Democracy Looks Like, A Guide to Governance was created in collaboration between a host of impressive educators, cartoonists, and advocacy groups who all believe that democracy works better with a well-informed electorate. This classroom resource reaches beyond a lesson plan and engages students to become not just more informed about the world they live in, but empower them to change the world around them. Curious what the mayor finds so interesting? Here’s a close up of the page she’s reading in the above photo.


You can grab your copy of This is What Democracy Looks Like at your favorite Local Comics Shop, like Comix Experience, or online through The Center for Cartoons Studies. Teachers, librarians, book club leaders, and just fans of the medium can save money by ordering in bulk and guarantee there are plenty of copies to go around.

Comix Experience just celebrated it’s 30th Birthday this year and is known, not just in San Francisco, but around the country, for it’s amazing Graphic Novel Book Clubs that anyone can join in person or remotely. To learn more, check out this Retailer Spotlight on the store. 

For retailers interested in this and other great educational resources, don’t miss our upcoming retail webinar on working with schools and libraries! This program offers resources for developing every aspect of the new markets in your own community that are eager for comics and in need of help navigating the landscape. Learn more at https://cbldf.org/cbldf-webinars.