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963AB8F9-294E-40C1-8772-0D1784146510Whether you’re a local comics shop owner, a future comics retailer, or an independent bookseller, you should check out the host of retailer resources CBLDF continually creates, like our free webinar series which offers free workshops devoted to important topics like November 2nd’s Retailing to Schools & LibrariesOr our many publications, including this year’s successful addition to the field, Selling Comics,  a book by retailers and comics professionals offering advice and best practices in the field. CBLDF is committed to growing the important relationships in the comics community, including those that work tirelessly to increase engagement on a daily basis by recommending and selling comics. Check out these upcoming webinars and other resources, and make sure to follow us on Instagram & Twitterplus like us on Facebook, to get regular updates to our retailer program events.


Retailer Webinars


Retailing to Schools and Libraries with Jennifer Haines— Saturday, November 2, 2019 @ 12:00-1:00 pm PST

Learn the secrets of selling comics to schools and libraries in this information packed webinar by Jennifer Haines!  More than ever, schools and libraries are eager to include comics, and no one is better positioned to help them navigate the landscape than comic book retailers! In this training-focused webinar, we’ll show you: 

  • How to develop relationships with local schools & libraries
  • How to identify and promote the services your store can offer
  • Incentives your store can provide to boost student visits
  • Activities you can offer to engage students
  • How to use the academic language to communicate the pedagogical value of comics

Every retailer completing this training will receive a certificate of completion, plus we’ll list your store as CBLDF Certified to work with schools and libraries in future publications for that audience.

Register for this webinar here.


Managing Media—Monday, November 11, 2019 @ 1:00-2:00 pm PST

Comic book stores are the industry’s front line, which often makes their employees the first people local media turns to when a comic book story comes up – the good ones as well as the bad and the ugly. This CBLDF webinar provides practical best practices for how to manage media situations, including how to take control of hostile situations, proactive steps to establish good community outreach, and procedures every store should have in place for media communications and outreach.  Panelists include Jacq CohenExecutive Director of Marketing, Publicity, and Promotions, Fantagraphics; Mitch Cutler, Owner, St. Marks Comics; Alex Segura, Co-President, Archie Comics; and Seina Fallon, Media/Comm Director, NC Comicon.

Register for this webinar here.
Miss an interesting or important webinar? Catch up anytime on CBLDF.org! Click through the link below to see upcoming and past webinars whenever you want – all free of charge! But attending live has unique benefits, so make sure to register for our next one!

Webinar Series
Selling Comics Cover


Selling Comics

Brought to you from CBLDF and Dark Horse, this is the guide for those interested in, starting out, or looking for community in the comics retailer community. Selling Comics collects essays and a range of best practices, from diversifying product lines to understanding your rights as a small business owner, by current or former comic shop employees and owners.

Edited by CBLDF alumni Alex Cox (previously an award-winning comic shop owner himself), Selling Comics is a compilation of essays and “best practices” from some of the sharpest minds in the industry, covering topics as wide-ranging as general store layout, building your brand, and diversifying your product lines. Selling Comics will also include several chapters directly pertinent to the CBLDF’s mission, covering topics such as how handle a negative media attack and understanding your rights as a small business owner.

With a forward by beloved industry stalwart Bob Wayne (former SVP of Sales & Marketing, DC Comics), Selling Comics is intended to serve as a valuable field guide for new and veteran stores alike. All contributions are from current or former Comic Shop employees or owners, covering the spectrum of the current retail landscape.

Editor Alex Cox, speaking on the project, had this to say, “Since the beginning of the CBLDF, working with, and for, local comic shops has been an ongoing priority. Comic Shops are the frontline of the art form and often a customer’s first experience with comics. They are one of the most valuable resources we have as an industry, and helping facilitate a way for shops to learn from each other has been a tremendous privilege.”

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CBLDF Publications

CBLDF works hard to bring you publications throughout the year that engage the community, offer insight into the important work we do, and demonstrate the critical place comics hold in all aspects of our culture. These are a few of our offerings, many can be read for free online or purchased in bulk through our store, but Retail Members get complimentary copies included with their incentives!

This is What Democracy Looks Like — A democratic and just society is more likely with an educated and engaged electorate. This is What Democracy Looks Like, A Guide to Governance is the result of a collaboration between extraordinary educators and amazing artists to create a timeless resource to prepare students to be empowered, informed, and civic-minded members of society.

Read Banned Comic — Read Banned Comics is a free resource that delves into comics that are challenged, how to report and fight censorship, programming ideas, and more tips to make a celebration of Banned Books Week in your community! CBLDF is an official sponsor of Banned Books Week, and this year’s theme is Censorship Leaves Us in The Dark, and offers the call to action for everyone to Keep The Light On. The annual celebration of the freedom to read will be observed in libraries, schools, bookstores, and other community settings across the nation and the world.

Panel Power — Inspire kids to become lifelong readers with Panel Power, a CBLDF resource that provides an introduction to comics and background on why they’re good for kids! A tool for battling misconceptions about the format and filled with information about the benefits of comics, activities, and reading recommendations for engaging kids with comics, Panel Power is an essential resource for retailers, educators, librarians, and parents!

Retailer Membership

Diamond’s FOC has passed, but your store can still benefit from supporting the fight for free expression. As long as these amazing incentives are available, you can donate directly to get your 2019/2020 Retail Membership. Check out the levels and rewards below, or donate right now to support CBLDF.