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Free Expression saves lives.

Free Expression illuminates truth, uncovers injustice, and lifts up marginalized voices. It creates connection, empathy, and understanding among communities.

And it’s under constant attack.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is on the front lines of protecting Free Expression and the voices being threatened for using it. The teachers and librarians who put their jobs and community standing at risk for offering diverse books. The artists and retailers who face legal threats for making and selling a wide range of ideas. And most importantly, the young people who hear that there’s something wrong with them when a comic book they identify with is targeted for censorship.

CBLDF is making a difference by fighting censorship, providing free legal aid, and creating vital new educational tools.

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CBLDF takes your support seriously, striving to make the most prudent and responsible use of contributions. Here’s a snapshot of how your donations are used to support our fight for the right to read:


As a CBLDF member, you’ll belong to an elite group of free speech advocates that help us do the important work needed to protect the right to read! You’ll also receive incredible thank-you gifts featuring the art of acclaimed creator Jeffrey Brown, including membership cardringer t-shirtwater bottlefleece shell, and other premiums that will show the world you proudly support the right to read! Most importantly, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re helping make a difference to protect the comics community’s First Amendment rights. Get one for yourself, or a gift for a comics fan in your life. Learn more at


Reward Zone

If you’ve visited CBLDF at a comics convention, you know we have stacks of comics signed by Top creators like Raina Telegmeir, Neil Gaiman, Alison Bechdel, Brian K. Vaughan, Emil Ferris, and many more. Well you don’t have to wait for San Diego Comic Con to stack your library with signed editions, CBLDF Reward Zone is open year round – and there is never a line. Pick your reward for your tax deductible donation from a huge selection of critically acclaimed graphic novels, signature merch, limited edition art and more! Check out

Check out the important free speech victories that your support has made possible in 2019 with our annual report below!

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