The Best of The Best Comics in 2019

In what has become a favorite annual tradition, CBLDF rounds up the top “Best of Comics and Graphic Novels” lists for the year, as a helpful reminder that there’s still good in the world – and a lot of it is found in the juxtaposition of art and text. This year’s lists might be the most diverse and wide-ranging yet. As the world of graphic novels expands each year, it’s phenomenal to see the “Best of” lists have less of a consensus, but a greater scope. A few still showed up on most of the lists, making They Called Us Enemy, Rusty Brown, Bad Weekend, Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me, & Guts some of the best comics of 2019! Tom King’s Mister Miracle topped many of the lists this year, just a year after his run on Vision making nearly every list in 2018! Check out all the lists rounded up below. They each have great recommendations and it’s fun to see what made the cut this year for different people or check off your own favorites against the pros.

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Best of 2019



Best of 2018



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