Retailer Spotlight: Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, NY

Right in the heart of downtown Huntington, on the North Shore of Long Island, sits Escape Pod Comics. The perfect blend of superhero and independent stock, this store attracts all ages and interests. Escape Pod is guided by a knowledgeable and friendly owner who is always quick with a great recommendation. And best of all, there are CBLDF easter eggs for the die hard free expression fans, because Escape Pod is a devoted Retail Member and supporter.
The Escape Pod Website highlights exactly why the store feels so welcoming, when the largest thing on the landing page is the creed: “Comics Are for Everyone.” Their site features an online pullbox, a monthly newsletter, and graphic novel reviews from the storied LCS Page 45 in Nottingham, England (the store is a big part of the Lakes International Comics Art Festival that recently hosted CBLDF’s own Executive Director Charles Brownstein).
One thing to note when planning your visit to Escape Pod Comics, is that they are closed from 3pm on Friday until 11am on Sundays. While that schedule wouldn’t work for every comics shop, this gem has a large following of diverse fans, who are more than happy to pop in another day to support their local LCS. And there is something really special in the world of 24 hour retail to have a store owner take time out for Shabbat and family. It’s definitely something that other could learn from.
Take a visual walk through this great comic book store below and check Escape Pod out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp!