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Who watches the Watchmen? Millions as it turns out, considering HBO’s Watchmen was one of the most talked about television shows of 2019. That makes now the perfect time to pick up one of the most influential graphic novels of all time. This week, CBLDF supporters have a chance to donate and receive a Watchmen Deluxe Hardcover signed by legendary artist Dave Gibbons! Whether you’re a returning reader or a fan of the show who wants more, now is the perfect time to add this best-selling classic to your collection.


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Watchmen Deluxe Hardcover Signed by Dave Gibbons

Your donation makes a difference and helps us continue our important work. Even as famous a graphic novel as Watchmen isn’t safe from calls for censorship. Your support helps the CBLDF take a stand and keep important works of fiction like Watchmen in the hands of readers everywhere, so make a donation today!