CBLDF All Ages Read-Along Starts Now!


Read comics, win prizes, and interact with readers all over the world!

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is announcing our first Read-Along Bingo for readers of all ages! Starting now, read comics and books that fit into our prompts and share your picks online with the hashtag #CBLDFreads. To get CBLDF Bingo, complete one line horizontally, vertically, or even on the diagonal with five things you read that meet those particular prompts.  Once you get CBLDF Bingo, take a picture and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, tag @CBLDF and #CBLDFreads and you’ll be entered to win fun prizes!  Much like real Bingo, this is more fun with other people, so don’t wait until you’ve finished your card to post your recommendations, favorite comics, and progress with #CBLDFreads. Share with your friends to compete with and encourage each other! The more people playing the better recommendations and encouragement that we’ll all get! Tag @CBLDF so we can encourage you along the way! Winners will be chosen from each social media platform at random – and there will be separate prizes for adults and children, so get your kids, students, nieces, and nephews involved! Each age group gets its own card, which you can print out, or bookmark online. Parents, teachers, and adults helping children play CBLDF Bingo:

Have the child explain to you how each title corresponds with the square they want to use it to complete. Let this be an opportunity for them to demonstrate reading comprehension, identifying story elements, creating correlations, and even creative thinking. This is all about reading more, so if the reader can justify how the title fits to your satisfaction, it works for us. Have them pick the square as soon as they finish reading the work so it’s fresh in their mind, then record it together and post it so we can see how well everyone’s doing and encourage their success!

The Rules:

  • Even if you’ve read the titles before, you must read them again during this time or it is poor sportsmanship. We’re all friends here.
  • A winning line of reads can contain books and comics, but each square must have a different title.
  • Freedom to read means you have the right to read what you want. So the free expression square in the center is your choice, but you must read something to get the square!
  • You must tag @CBLDF and #CBLDFreads so we see your awesome entry! Please no Instagram stories for final entries, we don’t want your entry to disappear. (But keep us updated on your progress in Stories, we love to see them!)
  • You can enter with different CBLDF Bingos and different titles as many times as you want until April 30th, 11:59 pm! Each finished CBLDF Bingo is its own entry.

To Enter: Once you complete five titles that meet any line in CBLDF Bingo, you can take a picture of almost anything to show your entry. Take a picture of the titles handwritten in the scorecard, take a picture of the actual books in a line and list the prompts they all meet, make your own CBLDF Bingo card, get creative and the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you list the books and which prompts they fill, and you’ll be entered to win prizes that put free expression front and center. Okay, that’s enough reading this, let’s get reading graphic novels and books! Don’t forget to tag @CBLDF and #CBLDFreads when you post your selections to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Print at Home CBLDF Bingo cards

CBLDF Bingo Adult Card

CBLDF Bingo Kid Card