ComicHub Provides Discounts & Support for CBLDF Retail Members


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Comic stores need e-commerce solutions now, so ComicHub is extending an offer for discounts and free installation to help CBLDF Retail Members get up and running.

ComicHub is a point of sale system designed explicitly for comic shops. It allows stores to quickly create an online store comprised of their inventory. The store’s customers can update their pull lists, make requests, browse stock, and make orders directly on the site.

In response to the crisis, ComicHub is waiving the install fee for all CBLDF Retail Members and reducing the monthly fee to $100 for the first six months. Inquiries about the system can be directed to

CBLDF Retail Members impacted by Coronavirus can also refer to CBLDF’s list of resources for comic industry businesses impacted by the Coronavirus for financial aid, tax relief, and best practices information.

The Covid-19 crisis is causing a massive disruption to comic book shops. With the need for social distancing and the increasing number of city and state mandates to temporarily close businesses deemed “non-essential,” many comic shops are required to close to the public.

Providing an e-commerce option for customers allows stores to continue business despite these closures.

All of us at CBLDF extend our gratitude to ComicHub for helping the community with this offer.

We’re going to get through this, together.