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In our ongoing mission to protect the creators, retailers, publishers, and collectors of comic books and to promote the awareness of First Amendment issues, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is looking for contributors to join our editorial team. CBLDF regularly utilizes volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds to create website content, so whether you are a writer, artist, graphic designer, or web developer – you can utilize your skills to protect free expression. Your work will be shared on, Facebook, Twitter, and in print publications.

CBLDF is always seeking voices to explore a wide variety of content, here are some examples of work we’re interested in exploring:

  • Censorship of manga and anime
  • First Amendment legal issues (especially related to comics or literature)
  • Censorship in libraries (comics, books, displays, and programming)
  • Censorship in schools (comics, books, programming)
  • Censorship of books and comics in prisons
  • Legislation that seeks to erode the First Amendment
  • Comics in the classroom (how-to articles, success stories, specific comic breakdowns for use with common core)
  • Censorship of comics and manga around the world

A contributor to should have excellent communication skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and self-direction. If specializing in a specific topic, contributors should have extensive knowledge and understanding of the field. Journalism or blogging experience is a plus if interested in writing articles, but not required if you’re looking to explore other creative means of communication (illustrations, infographics, interactive maps, etc.) All positions are volunteer-based unless otherwise listed.

Ideally, contributors will be able to identify and/or generate content suggestions for on a regular basis. Assignments may also be provided, but those that can pitch ideas will find their work featured much more frequently. All original and assigned content must be approved before being posted.

If you’re ready to speak up for free expression, visit today!